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Poster: rastamon Date: Sep 14, 2008 3:20pm
Forum: noisecollector Subject: Re: She is definitely still a condescending smirking douchebag

"McCain and Palin are confirmed liars and exaggerators"

hahaha! confirmed by Air Amerika's VERY confirmed hate-liars and exaggerators. Btw, most politicians lie & exaggerate to a certain extent.
Would you consider Obamayomama & Biden & Clinton & Kerry as being f'n flipfloppin liars? (duh, i did'nt think so).
I believe Senator McCain & Governor Palin as having good hearts and caring deeply about my beloved USA.

Do you cheat on your wife, engage in unmarried sex, support pro-choice (infanticide)?. Then your darkness is deep and only love will see you through, not the jaded hate blogs & talking points you get from the extreme left.

But what's the use of discussion? Only Gods love can "change" the darkness that clouds your eyes & heart. God BLESS America and keep her strong in this sick-sick world!

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Poster: spacedface Date: Sep 14, 2008 3:56pm
Forum: noisecollector Subject: Re: She is definitely still a condescending smirking douchebag

>> hate-liars and exaggerators>>>

Look at the list of names and which one did you get wrong? I wonder why it was that one only!

Let's be reasonable. Sure there are unsavory aspects of the center (Clinton) and left (unhealthy lifestyles), but this individual fault stuff pales in comparison to the endemic corruption that's been organized by free-for-all politics. Of course both parties partake to some extent, but there are still decent ones standing or we could not still have a talk like this openly.

It is mainly on one side right now. The Republicans claim to be against all the personal evils and weaknesses we human come up against, and that is important.

But, come on now, why do so many of them speak against money corruption, child porno and sex, gay whatever, etc when it's the Republicans who are CAUGHT doing it.

They now are repeating lies furiously and it just can lead to no good. If even Karl Rove says you lie to much, you're very sorry indeed.

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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Sep 16, 2008 5:54am
Forum: noisecollector Subject: Behar update

Ok, I got some stupid comments by her but most of them are her speaking over other people and unusable, go figure.

I may have to substitue some rosie comments, which are even more outrageous and half the time grammatically incorrect. 'jimmy carter error' instead of era, etc.

Stay tuned.